Round Range

Eugowra, NSW

The classical labyrinth is blending with the Bush in outback Australia a collaboration of many hands and many stones from far and near.

Contact Details

Therese Welsh

About the Area

Rural property in Eugowra. Wool growing farm with hills and creeks with over 1000 merino sheep. EUGOWRA is the village of murals, largest gold robbery and granite for Parliament House

Other Comments

#visitmyfarm Kev and Therese conduct farm tours at Round Range. Watch the working of a rural property and walk the labyrinth to relax and enjoy the serenity.

Labyrinth Details

Type: Classical
Access: Private
Opening Schedule: Appointment
Category: Farms & Agriculture
Materials: Predominantly granite natural occurring with introduced rocks and shells.
Designer: Therese Welsh
Builder: Therese and Kev Welsh with family and friends
Install Year: 2019

Location Details

113 Avondale Lane, Eugowra, NSW